Aeropost Intl./Aerocasillas Ships 10 Millionth Package

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, March 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Aeropost International Services Inc./Aerocasillas, an innovative company in cross-border e-commerce solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean, shipped their 10 millionth package this past Wednesday, February 19th! To commemorate this major milestone, Aeropost/Aerocasillas celebrated with the Trinidadian customer who received package # 10 million by providing a limousine to pick him up at his home for an event at the Company’s offices on the island. After an Aeropost/Aerocasillas news conference was held, the customer of honor was awarded with a US $1,000 shopping spree with Aeropost/Aerocasillas. The company’s CEO, Fredjoseph Goldner was pleased to announce this milestone:
“We at Aeropost/Aerocasillas are proud of this important event and the service that we provide in 38 markets in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is great to be sharing this milestone event with our outstanding Trinidadian operation, a very important contributor to our $1B mark in merchandise shipped through our network.”

Opening a World of Possibilities
Bringing the world of online shopping to new customers continues to be a priority for Aeropost.

By eliminating boundaries and shortening distances, the company provides a solution for customers to shop the brands they know and love but cannot find in their home countries. Aeropost/Aerocasillas has over 25 years of experience serving 38 countries through more than 100 stores in LATAM and the Caribbean. Having developed its own cutting-edge e-commerce systems and solutions, including, Aeropost/Aerocasillas continues to make online shopping an easier and happier experience.

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