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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 25, 2015: Everyone wants to go to the beach. There’s something relaxing and sexy about great beaches including in Central America. So where are Central America’s top beaches? Most are in Costa Rica according to travelers and TripAdvisor. Here are the top 10.


West Bay Beach in West Bay, Honduras

1: West Bay Beach in West Bay, Honduras: West Bay Beach is just a few steps to some of the best snorkeling on earth according to travelers and the vibrant coral reef hugs the white sandy beach. You can get ice cold drinks or a delicious meal at one of West Bay’s restaurants and bars.

Playa-Manuel-Antonio-Costa Rica

Playa Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

2: Playa Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica: This beach is located in the Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, a small national park in the Central Pacific Conservation Area on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, just south of the city of Quepos, Puntarenas, and 132 km (82 mi) from the national capital of San José. A trail leads to this wonderful beach, with monkeys swinging from the trees!

Playa-Santa-Teresa-Costa Rica

Playa Santa Teresa in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

3: Playa Santa Teresa in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica: On the beach of Playa Carmen tall palm trees provide shade for hanging out. For around 400-m a road skirts a scenic beach where at low tide you find a large rocky pool that is nice for bathing and snorkeling. You can also kick back and enjoy the town. The best time to go is between November and April.

Tamarindo-Beach-Costa Rica

Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

4: Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica: Tamarindo Beach is located in Tamarindo, a town and distrit located on the Nicoya Peninsula on the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the Province of Guanacaste. The district has a population of 6,869. The main attractions are surfing and eco-tourism and this beach is known for its beautiful sunsets. Currents can be strong, especially on a falling tide but Tamarindo is a great spot also for advanced surfers.


Playa Avellanes in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

5: Playa Avellanes in Tamarindo, Costa Rica: Playa Avellanes in Tamarindo, Costa Rica is roughly 20 minutes away from the tourist-mecca of Playa Tamarindo and is a surfer’s oasis. This surfing community remains pristine with the beach unmarred by commercial business and very little traffic. The only sounds you mainly hear after the crashing of world-class waves on golden sands, or the crazy roaring of the howler monkeys. Best times to visit are between November and May.


Playa Conchal, Costa Rica

6: Playa Conchal, Costa Rica: Playa Conchal is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Costa Rica, the Province of Guanacaste, which has a number of stunning first-rate beaches. Among the Guanacaste beaches, Playa Conchal is a gem and the only Pacific Coast beach with crystal clear water, similar to that of famed beaches along the Caribbean. In addition to swimming and snorkeling, visitors to Playa Conchal can enjoy deep sea fishing excursions and hiking trips to the nearby national parks or nature reserves.


Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica.

7: Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica: Hermosa Beach maintains an overall laidback atmosphere even though the town of Hermosa runs from north to south along its beachfront. It is renowned for its outstanding marine fauna, and visitors can enjoy t snorkeling, sport fishing, and Scuba Diving. Horseback riding along the beach is another great way for people to take in the beautiful surroundings or just surf. It is also best between November and April.


Nosara Beach (Playa Guiones) in Nosara, Costa Rica

8: Nosara Beach (Playa Guiones) in Nosara, Costa Rica: Nosara Beach, located at the seaside village of Ostional, is the heart of the Nosara-Ostional Wildlife Refuge which protects its coast. This 162 hectare of land and 587 hectares of ocean have been set aside to specifically protect one of the largest nesting sites for the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle. Hundreds (and sometimes hundreds of thousands) arrive in large groups every three to four weeks and last for about a week on the darkest nights following a new moon. It is dubbed one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is best to visit between November and May.


Samara Beach, Costa Rica.

9: Samara Beach, Costa Rica: Samara beach is great spot to do a little starter surfing or sports fishing as well as snorkeling and scuba diving around the coral environments. Swimming conditions in Samara’s calm coastal waters are an ideal warm temperature espeically between November and May. A short one-mile walk down the beach brings visitors to the Tico hamlet of Matapalo, a great snorkeling spot. For birdwatchers, Chora Island, which is located just off the coast, is home to swaths of avian fauna that can easily be viewed from a kayak.


Playa Estrella, Panama.

10: Playa Estrella, Panama: Playa Estrella beach is known as the starfish beach and is located in Bocas del Toro, Panama. It is great place to hang out for a beach day as it is located on the remote, unexposed side of Isla Colón. The shoreline is shaped like a bay, so it doesn’t catch any swell – making for placid turquoise waters and a relaxed vibe. This beach is particularly good for those with young children due to the calm seas and shallow incline and is best to visit between November and April.



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