Theatric Community Calls for Return of Arawak House of Culture

The content originally appeared on: Kairi FM

Artistic Director of the Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company and Cultural stalwart Raymond Lawrence is calling for a return of spaces like the Arawak house of culture.

The theatre community has been without a standard rehearsal and performance space since Hurricane Maria dealt significant damage to the country’s sole performance theatre in 2017.

Lawrence says, the absence of such dedicated spaces has negatively impacted the theater community and emphasized the need for such.

Lawrence made the appeal to government to make efforts to restore the Arawak house of culture for the development of arts and culture in Dominica.

Artistic Director of the Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company, Raymond Lawrence

The Waitukubuli Dance theatre Company is celebrating its fifty second anniversary with a dance production entitled “SPLENDOURS OF WAITUKUBULI” this weekend at the Old Mill Cultural Centre.