Son Of Belize Prime Minister Deported


CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Oct. 29, 2009: The son of Belize Prime Minister, Jamal `Shyne` Barrow, has been deported back to his country of birth.

Barrow, better known as rapper Shyne, was reportedly deported on Wednesday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. The rapper was sent back aboard a Continental Airlines flight in Buffalo, New York.

He was slated to be received back in the Central American nation by his uncle and Belize parliament member Michael Finnegan and possibly his father, Prime Minister Dean Barrow. reports claim the 31-year-old rapper may eventually leave Belize to pursue a recording career in Europe or another CARICOM nation.

Shyne, was released from prison recently after serving more than nine years for his role in a 1999

New York night club shooting that `allegedly` involved Sean `P. Diddy` Combs and actress Jennifer Lopez.

Combs narrowly missed going to prison on the same gun charges and Barrow ended up taking the fall.  Under U.S. immigration law, a non-citizen who committed a crime faces deportation back to their home land.

Barrow, on his FaceBook page, says he was born to `Dean Barrow, a Belizean Kriol politician (elected as Belizean Prime Minister on February 8, 2008) and a Garifuna mother. `

As a child, he was allegedly spurned by his father due to his illegitimacy and mixed ethnicity. Barrow relocated with his mother to Flatbush, in Brooklyn, New York City at about age 13. He began to sell drugs at a young age and became involved with a variety of dangerous people.

He was shot by a Tec 9 submachine gun in the shoulder when he was 15.  In 1998, while Shyne was freestyling in a barbershop, one of hip-hop`s most respected producers, Clark Kent noticed something unique and took him to the Bad Boy studios where producer Combs signed him on the spot. Reports indicate that Shyne received millions of dollars, three  cars of his choice and two homes just for signing. The contract also featured more money and a 5-album deal.

Soon after, Shyne was making his appearances on fellow Bad Boy`s hits and was featured on a remix of Total`s `Sittin At Home` track and on Mase`s second album Double Up on the track entitled `From Scratch.` In the same year he was featured on Diddy`s Forever album (Reverse) as well as on a remix of P.E. 2000.

Then on December 27, 1999, Shyne, along with Combs and Lopez, allegedly were involved in a high-profile incident at a Manhattan club which left three people injured and the 21-year-old rapper, whose debut album was pending release, facing charges of attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment.

Shyne managed to release his self-titled debut album in September 2000 but on June 1, 2001, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. While in prison, Shyne released his second album, Godfather Buried Alive (released August 2004). The album was criticized as being incomplete and under promoted by his label, Gangland Records. However, `For The Record,` a diss track directed at 50 Cent as being an informer, was the only track recorded over the phone for the release. He did enjoy one modest hit from the album: `Jimmy Choo,` a song that featured the vocal stylings of R&B singer Ashanti. He is now signed to his own Gangland imprint through Def Jam Recordings.

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