Obama Pledges Continued Partnership On Haitian Flag Day


CaribWorldNews, WASHINGTON, D.C., Weds. May 19, 2010: U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday used Haitian Flay Day to remind Haitians recovering from the devastating January quake that the U.S. remains `a friend and partner.`

In congratulating Haitians on another Haitian Flag Day, the President insisted: `The bonds between our nations have been strong and vibrant` since May 18, 1803.

But Obama said as the day is observed, Haitians still trying to rebuild and recover from the tragic earthquake of January 12, 210, which claimed over 200,000 lives, should not be forgotten. 

`We stand with the international community in our support for the government of Haiti and the Haitian people as they continue to create a foundation for a brighter future,` said the President.

U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, added her own words of congratulations, saluting not just the people of Haiti and Haitians living in Diaspora communities around the world.

`As we commemorate Flag Day, we must pay special tribute to those Haitians who despite having lost so much continue to work to build a stronger, more prosperous nation and a better tomorrow,` said Clinton. 

In New York City, home to the largest group of Haitian migrants in the U.S., Mayor Mike Bloomberg, insisted that `New York has always had a very special and strong connection with Haiti, and we will continue to support to its people.` 

The Haitian flag was created on May 18th, 1803, in the town of Arcahaie during a congress held in the midst of the country`s war for independence.

By removing the middle white stripe of the French tricolor, symbolizing European domination, and stitching together the remaining red and blue stripes, representing Haiti`s black and interracial citizens, the flag came to embody Haiti`s spirit of freedom, unity, and individual liberty.


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