Monelle Alexis Steps into Key Communications Role at Discover Dominica Authority

The content originally appeared on: Kairi FM

Discover Dominica Authority has announced the appointment of Monelle Alexis as their Communications and Public Relations Specialist. As of November 13, 2023, Ms. Alexis has taken charge of this newly created position.

She will be responsible for steering and executing the communications strategy of the Discover Dominica Authority and the Dominica Festivals Committee while collaborating with the Authority and the Ministry of Tourism on media relations.

Under the tutelage of the Ministry of Tourism and the Discover Dominica Authority, Ms. Alexis aims to implement a comprehensive communications and media relations program that effectively disseminates information regarding the tourism-related activities of the Authority and industry.

With a forward-looking perspective, Ms. Alexis is eager to synergize with various internal and external teams, including the Ministry of Tourism, The Discover Dominica Authority, The Dominica Festivals Committee, and other industry leaders and key stakeholders.

New Communications and Public Relations Specialist Monelle Alexis