Lebron James Unfollowed Diddy Following Disturbing Cassie Video

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Lebron James joins the growing list of celebrities fleeing from Diddy following the leak of a video showing the rap mogul assaulting his former girlfriend, Cassie Ventura.

In the aftermath of Cassie’s bombshell lawsuit in November 2023, a lot of celebrities defended Diddy saying that his settlement is not an admission of guilt. Rappers like Slim Thug even criticized the R&B singer for opting to settle the case rather than pushing for the Bad Boy rapper’s prosecution. Slim Thug has since issued an apology to Cassie after watching the video, which many admitted was difficult to watch.

Basketball legend Lebron James suddenly unfollowed Diddy on Instagram on Saturday (May 18). The Lakers star has not released a public statement, but his unfollowing of the rap mogul is a clear indication that he doesn’t want to be associated with him. Bron has 159 million followers on Instagram, and folks quickly took notice after his followers count moved from 453 to 452 before quickly noticing that he wasn’t following Diddy anymore.


Lebron and Diddy have been friends for years, and in recent months, Lebron James’ 16-year-old son Bryce has been hanging out with Diddy’s twin daughters Jessie and D’Lila Combs. Bryce was spotted on vacation with the Combs twins in April in Turks and Caicos amid Diddy’s legal woes, including a raid on his homes in Los Angeles and Miami.

Diddy has not yet addressed the video that allegedly shows him kicking and dragging Cassie in a Los Angeles hotel lobby. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office has since issued a statement stating that the incident in the video took place “beyond the timeline where a crime of assault can be prosecuted.”

Although Diddy might’ve escaped prosecution by the relevant authorities, he has not escaped the public backlash, which includes condemnation from folks who previously supported him. Celebrity attorney Bradford Cohen shared a comment on the matter, stating that he believed that the video was deliberately leaked as part of a broader strategic move to take down Combs. He stated that if Diddy had settled the case prior to Cassie filing a lawsuit, then none of this would’ve happened.

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