Jamaican Jailed For Florida Airport Disruption


News Americas, MIAMI, FL, Weds. May 4, 2011: A 38-year-old Jamaican man will have to spend the next six months if federal prison for causing a December 2010 disruption at the Miami International Airport.

Orville Braham, who lives in Boston, Massachusetts, was on Tuesday jailed by U.S. District Judge Paul Huck. He had faced nearly three years behind bars but Judge Huck gave him a break because “nobody got hurt.” He was also required to pay restitution to the airport for the economic loss caused by the disruption.

Braham, a tow truck driver, was carrying 1,700 bullet primers, or the bottom casing that contains gunpowder and a firing pin, but no slug on top, concealed in the lining of his luggage to Jamaica via Miami when they ignited.

Huck repeatedly asked Braham at the hearing what he had planned to do with so many bullet primers and why they were hidden but the Jamaican said it was to prevent his children from getting to judge, a claim the judge did not buy.

“I just don’t find that credible. Sorry,” Huck said, suggesting that Braham intended to sell the primers in Jamaica.

Braham, however, insisted it was the truth and apologized for the incident.

Braham has already served four months, so he will have about two more months to serve before being released into six months in home confinement.

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