Communications Officer of DDA Monelle Alexis says the Familiarization Tour was a complete success

The content originally appeared on: Kairi FM

Representatives from Caribbean Airlines, travel agencies, and influential environmental figures embarked on an immersive exploration of Dominica’s finest offerings. Their journey aimed to discover and celebrate the island’s treasures, emphasizing eco-friendly values and responsible travel. In their quest, they sought to embrace Dominica’s allure as a beacon of natural splendor and sustainable tourism.

The trip was crafted to provide participants with a firsthand experience of Dominica’s abundant biodiversity, eco-friendly initiatives, and distinctive tourism attractions. With a primary focus on eco-tourism, the DDA aimed to enrich destination knowledge, advocate for responsible travel, and elevate Dominica’s status as a premier eco-tourism destination.

Following the success of the familiarization tour, Monelle Alexis, the Communication Officer at Discover Dominica, specifically highlighted that their visit to Fort Young would significantly enhance the hotel’s promotional efforts.

Monelle Alexis, DDA Communications Officer.