Britain slashes spending in new austerity drive


British finance minister George Osborne unveiled fresh austerity measures Wednesday to slash the country’s debt, evoking the plight of crisis-hit Greece in presenting the first purely Conservative budget for nearly 20 years. Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborne slashed welfare spending to honour campaign promises after his Conservative party — headed by Prime Minister David Cameron — unexpectedly won an outright majority in a May 7 general election. “This is a Conservative budget that can only be delivered because the British people trusts us to finish the job,” said Osborne, who now has a free hand with the public finances…

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The Pleasure Domes of Florida
Oxford American
Other hotels looked like a huge Swiss chalet or a colonial viceroy's Caribbean plantation. Plant's flagship, the Tampa Bay Hotel, was built in the “Islamic Revival” style—mostly. It has onion domes, silver towers, ... The collapse of the Florida land ...

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