Bravo Congresswoman Clarke


Commentary By Arthur Piccolo

CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. April 29, 2008: It is nothing short of tantalizing that some hiding in the shadows have decided to attack Congressmember Clarke for recently introducing legislation in Congress to require that the 2010 Census form allow those of Caribbean heritage to properly identify themselves.

A few malcontents have actually tried to label the legislation `racist` because it divides the African American community.`

Gee I must have missed the part where African-American leaders consistently champion the needs and the identity of Caribbean Americans. Not being African or Caribbean, what I see objectively is African Americans do not view Caribbean Americans as part of their family except when it comes to the Census.

There is a far larger irony in criticism that labels Congressmember Clarke’s enlightened and long overdue legislation as `racist.`

If we are ALL Americans and there is no need for distinctions why separate African Americans from European American on the Census form. Of course anyone suggesting eliminating the right of African Americans to have a box on the Census form so they cannot be accurately counted would be labeled RACIST and such a recommendation would go nowhere. But yet some African Americans seem to have no hesitation preventing Caribbean Americans the same right. Thank God there is a name for that nonsense. It is called HYPOCRISY. Case closed. Bravo Yvette.

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